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Hire the new S Class Cabriolet S63 AMG & S500 Cabriolet 

S63 S Class Cabriolet S500 S63 AMG The new S-class cabriolet symbolizes the passion for individual and timelessly exclusive mobility.
Since a decade, when you wanted to drive an open top car with 4 people comfortably installed on board, you had really a choice between a Bentley GTC or Rolls Royce very (very) big cabriolet. But this is the end of this story, because now the S Class Cabriolet just arrived ! .

If you already have been passenger at the back of our limousine service, we are sure that you found the S Class cabin extremely comfortable with ample amounts of room in the back. Typically, the latest S-Class shows off technology that’ll almost certainly be on your ordinary family car within the next decade. Now with the S Class Cabriolet you can take your party in the same level of comfort, enjoying a scenic panorama with an open top. With its limousine-like status, won’t have to compromise between, style, performance, comfort or space, this Mercedes S63 Cabriolet is just the ultimate choice. Mercedes-Benz built the world’s most comfortable convertible. Mercedes claims that interior sound levels will be low with the roof raised, while its Aircap wind blocker keeps buffeting to a minimum with the top lowered. Also included is the Airscarf neck warmer as well as a climate-control system that requires no fiddling—it maintains a consistent temperature whether the roof is open or closed.

The Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabriolet offers a 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine with an output of 430 kW (585 hp). Performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive with rear-biased torque split as standard and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

This year we propose for rent 2 versions of this fantastic convertible: The S500 Cabriolet (The S550 Cabriolet is not available for European market) and more exclusive: the S63 AMG Cabriolet, with his extreme performances.


Rent the Mercedes S Cabriolet in Nice Cannes or Monaco with Platinium Rent 
Daily rate: 250km per day included, taxes included. 


RateExtra dayExtra KMDepositReduced depositExtra insurance/ dayMin/age
1 day1 800.00€1 800.00€330 000€10 000€100€25
2 days3 600.00€1 800.00€330 000€10 000€100€25
3 days4 950.00€1 600.00€330 000€10 000€100€25
4 days6 500.00€1 600.00€330 000€10 000€100€25
5 days8 000.00€1 600.00€330 000€10 000€100€25
6 days9 600,00€1 600.00€330 000€10 000€100€25
7 days10 600.00€1 300.00€330 000€10 000€100€25


Mercedes S63 AMG / S500 Cabriolet side 1

Mercedes S63 AMG / S500 Cabriolets63-5
 Mercedes S63 AMG / S500 Cabriolet Mercedes S63 AMG / S500 Cabriolet inside Mercedes S63 AMG / S500 Cabriolet inside 2


With Platinium Rent, forget the long queue line at the airport, we deliver your car to your location or directly when you get out your plane. If you whish hire a sport car with a limited luggage space, we can arrange limousine service to the Nice airport with Mercedes S Class or a luxury people carrier, then you'll discover your sport car waiting you at your destination without waste of time. We rent the Mercedes S Class Cabrio to the Nice airport, we rent the Mercedes E Class Convertible in Cannes, we rent the Mercedes S63 Cabriolet in Paris, we rent the Mercedes S500 Class Convertible in St.Tropez, we rent the Mercedes S Class Cabriolet S500 & S63 in Monaco. Please contact us to check avalaibity or to check another delivery/collection location.


Please contact us for any question on +33 4 93 99 90 63

Please send us your request using this short form, you can also check availability or rate by phone at the office time to the following number Tel: +33 493 999 063.

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