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The 4 seater car available to Platinium Rent, some other model are arriving during the season, please contact us to see if the car you are seeking available.



Rent Mercedes S Class Cabriolet S63 AMG Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

Hire the new S Class Cabriolet S63 AMG & S500 Cabriolet 

S63 S Class Cabriolet S500 S63 AMG The new S-class cabriolet symbolizes the passion for individual and timelessly exclusive mobility.
Since a decade, when you wanted to drive an open top car with 4 people comfortably installed on board, you had really a choice between a Bentley GTC or Rolls Royce very (very) big cabriolet. But this is the end of this story, because now the S Class Cabriolet just arrived ! .

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Rent Rolls Royce Dawn convertible Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

Rolls Royce Dawn drophead cabriolet Rolls Royce Dawn (convertible 4 seat) 2016-2017

The Dawn’s alluring presence is unmistakable, right from the very first encounter. Luxurious, exclusive, exquisite; take your pick of adjectives for the lovely Dawn and any one of them will suffice. The Rolls Royce designer’s set out to create a car that was as beautiful with the roof up as it was down and made no compromise to the comfort and luxury of four adults who want to travel together in the pinnacle of style.

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Rent BMW 4 Serie Convertible 428i 435i Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

BMW 4 series convertible 428i & 435i - Get the best of both worlds: Sporty & Luxury !

BMW 4 series convertible  428i & 435i The 4 series is an upgrade to the previously launched 3 Series offering more luxury, comfort, and power through the Twin Power Turbo engine. The coupe inspired performance of the BMW 4 Series Convertible makes it one of the sportiest open-top cars on the road. The BMW 4 Series convertible offers a pleasant way to enjoy warm summer breezes when the weather is fair, but can also keep all passengers warm and entertained, with heated seats and a hard top roof, when the weather turns foul.

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Rent BMW 6 Serie Convertible Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

BMW 6 Convertible Get the best of both worlds: Sporty & Luxury !

BMW-6serie-convertible More of a luxurious cruiser than a sports coupe, the 6 seris Convertible offers a great engine note, a comfortable and quiet interior, quick acceleration. From its active suspension to its cabin tech, the BMW 6 series Convertible is the quintessential tech car. With the roof down, the sleek rear window can be left in place to operate as a wind deflector, diverting the airflow away from passengers' necks.

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Rent BMW X6 5.0 Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

Platinium Rent: BMW X6 5.0

X6-1 While the engine provides enough excitement to run out and at least test drive the BMW X6 upon its release, the exterior and interiors are also sure to impress even the fussiest car enthusiasts. The inside of the X6 is expected to maintain its high standard of luxury and quality including leather seating, the availability of wood trim highlights, and plenty of space. The X6's styling isn't for everyone, but it manages to set itself apart with the fastback roof line, huge wheels and other sporty styling cues. Inside, the BMW X6 boasts comfortable seats, an excellent driving position and high-quality materials, though the control layout can be befuddling.

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Rent Mercedes E Cabriolet Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

Hire the Merceceds E Class Cabrilolet on the French Riviera 

E Class Cabriolet rental The two-door, four-seat Cabriolet boasts a classic fabric soft top, with year-round comfort,  thanks to a number of innovative features. Using innovative technology, the new Mercedes E Class Convertible enhances and refines the open to driving experience. 

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Rent Bentley GTC convertible (cabriolet) Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

Bentley GTC (convertible 4 seat) 

Bentley GTC Convertible cabriolet  A world of refinement and effortless style within, the spacious interior and premium leather hides seat four people in complete comfort. Sensory pleasure is elevated as the beautifully tailored roof flows smoothly away. Performance matched only by effortless control and intuitive feedback. It’s time to let your emotions soar. The power of the 12-cylinder, 6-litre, twin-turbocharged engine is staggering; the drive, utterly thrilling.

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Rent Maserati Grancabrio Nice airport - Cannes - Monaco

Maserati Grandcabrio (convertible 4 seat)

Maserati Grancabrio RentThe Maserati GranCabrio manages to be both dynamic and elegant. The car draws its inspiration from the GranTurismo, an example of the perfect synthesis of modernity, sensuality and passion. Created by master coachbuilder Pininfarina, the GranCabrio is characterised by its soft-top roof. When closed, the rear pillar – one that does not, in fact, exist – is mimicked in the hood’s smart, forward-slanting design, giving the Maserati GranCabrio the dashing looks of a coupé. Once open, the Maserati GranCabrio transforms into an astounding cabriolet, free to show off all its sinuous, feline beauty.

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Rent Mercedes CLS 500 in Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

The new Mercedes CLS 500CLS-1   

The all-new CLS-Class follows in its predecessor’s pioneering footsteps. A triumph of bold, innovative styling, it is the first Mercedes-Benz model to showcase the distinctive new design language developed by Mercedes. This new design idiom is apparent in every surface and detail of the new CLS-Class – from the eye-catching air inlets to the flared wheel arches. The striking radiator grille, which echoes the new SLS AMG supercar, is a defining feature, as are the frameless side windows. Eye-catching lighting technology includes bi-xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights. Inside the CLS-Class, our designers have created a driving environment that more than lives up to the exterior’s promise. Exceptional attention to detail and sumptuous materials are instantly apparent with a bespoke, handcrafted feel throughout. Highlights include leather upholstery as standard, exclusive matt silver finish, and an array of wood trims.

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Rent Mercedes CL 600 4 seat Nice airport Cannes Monaco Paris

Hire the new Merceceds CL600 4 seater on the French Riviera


not-cl600The Mercedes CL 600 is one of the most powerful engine in its class and is athletic as ever with V12 biturbo. Broad and imposing yet agile and dynamic, the new generation CL-Class is a masterpiece of coupé design. Many coupé give their occupants little room for manoeuvre, but the CL-Class has ample space inside. Even those in the rear enjoy optimum headroom and legroom, plus luxurious individual seats.

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